Uncommon Equities | Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of public companies benefit from Uncommon Equities research?

Usually micro-cap companies with fairly robust trading that want to optimize share price benefit the most.  However, private companies wanting to get their stories in front of potential future investors also benefit.

How can a public company contact Uncommon Equities for more information?

We can be reached at Info@UncommonEquities.com or by completing the Contact Us page on this website.

I work for an Investor Relations company.  How can I obtain research for my corporate clients?

Email us at Info@UncommonEquities.com and we can work with you to optimize your clients' visibility to the investing community.

Why is all the content (weekly market comments, Company Snapshots¸ and Research Reports) free for anyone to read?

We want sophisticated investors to have the opportunity to read professional, fundamental research on companies they might not otherwise be familiar with and/or have access to balanced reporting.

How can I be notified of new research being published by Uncommon Equities?

By clicking on our "Sign up for our mailing list" button, we will email you whenever we publish a new research report.

What is the value of commissioned research?

Uncommon Equities provides research coverage for small public companies on an issuer-paid basis.  We provide this   service in response to the overwhelming contraction of quality equity research on small companies from traditional   sources. In its report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (dated April 23, 2006), the Advisory Committee on   Smaller Public Companies noted that: 

The trading markets for public companies are assisted in great measure by the dissemination of quality investment research. Investment research for public companies in general, and for smaller public companies in particular, has declined dramatically in recent years, however, as economic and regulatory pressures have led the financial industry to dramatically reduce research budgets. The problem is particularly pronounced in the case of small cap companies, of which less than half receive coverage by even a single analyst, and in the microcap universe, where analyst coverage is virtually nonexistent.

  We believe it is important that individuals attempting to evaluate a company's investment merit have access to timely   company and industry information, as well as professional insights to put this information in context.  Uncommon Equities   provides investment-grade commissioned research to fill this need.

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