Research reports and notes are not intended as offerings or solicitations of an offer to buy or sell the securities mentioned or discussed. Information, opinions or recommendations contained in our research reports and research notes are submitted solely for advisory and information purposes. The factual statements in the reports and updates have been obtained from sources believed reliable, but we neither guarantee nor represent their completeness or accuracy.
The subject companies have the opportunity to review sections of the report for factual accuracy in accordance with FINRA Rule 2711(c), but have no influence over the analysis, financial projections or opinions made by the analyst. Information and the opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. Additionally, there is no obligation to update any information in the reports or notes if they should become outdated. 


Uncommon Equities, Inc. receives its fee in advance from the subject Company for one year of research coverage including an initial report, updates, and notes. No part of Uncommon Equities, Inc.’s compensation is directly, or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations or views contained in the reports. The analyst and other employees of Uncommon Equities, Inc. are prohibited from buying or selling securities issued by the companies with which Uncommon Equities, Inc. has a research relationship except if ownership of such securities was prior to the start of such relationship and the sale of such securities is in compliance with FINRA rules.

Analyst Certification

The research analyst of a report will certify that the views expressed in each report accurately reflect the analyst's personal views about the subject securities and issuers; and that no part of the analyst's compensation, was, is, or will be directly, or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations or views contained in the report.
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