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Uncommon Equities provides investment research for promising public small and microcap companies that need to have their stories told.

We tell these stories in a balanced, professional manner.

Uncommon Equities believes it is important that investors, evaluating a company’s investment merits, have access to comprehensive and timely company and industry information and professional insights to put this information in context. Since many investors need time to build confidence in a company as a rewarding long-term investment, our research offering includes an extensive initial report, quarterly updates, and research notes as warranted. Uncommon Equities provides this service in response to the contraction of quality equity research coverage on small companies from traditional sources.

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As we search for under-followed investment opportunities for inclusion in our research coverage program, we often come across stocks that, while already receiving research coverage from brokerage firms, strike us as being promising investment opportunities that we would like to share with our visitors. We will share why we believe these ideas are worthy of consideration in brief "Snapshots."

In addition, as a service to our site visitors, we prepare a market comment each week. Although the focus of Uncommon Equities is on introducing investors to under-followed and, in many cases, undiscovered specific investment opportunities, we believe it is helpful to have a context within which to make investment decisions.

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November 17, 2014

Investors have increasingly come to view falling energy prices as more of a positive for the economy than a sign or potential cause of economic weakness. Last week, against the backdrop of another decline in crude oil prices (from $78.65 to $75.82/barrel), the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 60.81 points (0.35 percent), the S&P500 Index advanced 7.90 points (0.39 percent to finish at a new closing high on Friday), and the Nasdaq Composite gained 56.01 points (1.21 percent). It was a week when President Obama made it clear that he is ready to go it alone on major policies as he: announced an agreement with China that involves doubling the current speed of pollution reduction in the United States in return for a promise of less pollution in China starting in 2030;  called on the Federal Communications Commission to adopt the "strongest possible rules" to create "net neutrality" (reversing decades of bipartisan policies that treated the Internet as an information service rather than a utility overseen with 1930s-era regulation); and previewed his plan to take executive actions on immigration that may offer work permits and protection from deportation for several million illegal immigrants.  Overseas, Russia sent military convoys into the Ukraine as expectations grew for a step up in the "rebel" offensive including a renewed effort to achieve a land bridge to the newly-annexed Crimean Peninsula.  ISIS attacks have been stepped up, but the Kurds are holding on to Kobani in Syria and Iraqi security forces appear close to retaking the country' largest refinery, located in Baiji.

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